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Thank you to Renegade Holiday Craft Fair Chicago 2015

To say that the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in Chicago was a success this past December would be an understatement.  As a first time vendor at this well known event, I was basically just excited and honored to be selected as a vendor (along with my entrepreneur buddies, the "jam girls" from All American Canning Co.), but the turn out and positive feedback I received was absolutely amazing and humbling.  The buzz of the holiday season and the frenzy of customers cycling through the Bridgeport Arts Center over one weekend created an exciting atmosphere that was unlike anything I've ever been a part of.  The atmosphere, coupled with the fact that I was among hundreds of fellow artisans/makers was a truly unique experience.  The ability to share my food with others is what motivated me to create my food business in the first place, and being able to share my food with thousands of people is beyond rewarding.  The pride of wearing my "maker" pin that I received for being a vendor at the Renegade event helped motivate me to finally create a direct order website, enabling me to continue sharing my food with others. 

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