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Look How Far We've Come!

As a business owner, it's easy to compare myself and my business to other businesses and business owners, and think that I haven't accomplished as much as others, but it's always more difficult to see the accomplishments I have made over the last four years of having a brick and mortar shop.  April 29th will mark our four year anniversary at the brick and mortar location! 

Firstly, the brick and mortar location isn't just a retail shop; it's also our commercial kitchen and production facility.  Being able to produce all of the granola and candied pecans just minutes away from home is a huge benefit.

As for the retail shop, we've grown from selling only granola and candied pecans to also carrying a full line of kitchen products, custom made Happy Girl coffee and hot cocoa, Happy Girl shirts, gourmet charcuterie boxes and brunch boxes as well as hosting cooking classes and pop-up shops.  We really have come a long way when I stop and think about everything we have to offer within the shop.  I am very proud of how efficient our 450 square feet of space really is.  

The shop truly is my home away from home, and when customers come in it really warms my heart because it feels like I am welcoming them into my home.  With our online ordering and local pick-up option, we often have people stopping in to pick up orders while we are baking granola, and it's exciting to have people see the process of making granola.  

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