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Parfaits in a Jar

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I eat a lot of yogurt and granola.  At home, it's a simple breakfast I can throw together with whatever fruit, yogurt and granola I happen to have on hand.  Transporting this quick breakfast to work, on the other hand, can be another story.  There's never enough room in the little cups of yogurt to add granola in, and I never remember to bring a handful of fresh fruit it.  The solution: parfaits in a jar! 

My jam maker friend opened up a whole new world to me when she explained to me how she makes yogurt and jam parfaits in what else, a jar!  Layering any flavor of yogurt (we like vanilla or honey) with your favorite jam, you can make a week's worth of these little beauties ahead of time and just screw the lid on (since they don't need to be sealed).  Now, you may be thinking wait a second, isn't the granola on the top going to get mushy?  Nope.  Add the granola just before you eat your parfait.  I keep a large bag of granola at my desk at all times, but you can also use the mini bags of granola and get about two servings out of those.  

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