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Sprucing Up the Storefront

This past weekend felt like July in Michigan and I spent the majority of it outside until it rained Sunday evening.  I love planting flowers in front of my shop and it feels like the official start of summertime every year when I do it. I love sprucing up the little area outside of my shop because it's part of a neighborhood.  My shop isn't located in the traditional downtown area of Main Street in my town, but a smaller business district called Westown.  All of the business owners in this district plant their own flowers and plants, and clean and maintain the flower beds located in our sidewalks.  Our business neighbors will be hanging flower baskets above all of our shop doors this year as well.  

After long winters in Michigan, it always feels so good to get outside and enjoy the sun and warmth of a new season.  Being outside of my shop also gave me the opportunity to connect with my business neighbors.  Our friends at the hair salon a couple doors down walked down and chatted with my mom about the hanging flower baskets they'll be hanging this year.  I love the feeling of community within our smaller business district.  We've recently seen new businesses open in Westown, and a few buildings that had been empty for years have been purchased by new owners within the last year who have renovated the buildings.  It's an exciting and hopeful time for our business community.

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