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How to Eat Granola

The number one question I receive is, "how do you eat granola?"  Granola is an integral part of my day to day life, so I often forget that this may not be the case for everyone else.  I've dedicated this section of my site to provide recipes, tips and my favorite ways to enjoy granola.  

Granola with Apples and Peanut Butter

Simple as it may sound, this is a delicious combination and a hearty, crunchy snack.  It really elevates the traditional, kid friendly apple and peanut butter snack to a more adult level.  I slice an unpeeled apple into wedges, dip in my favorite creamy peanut butter and dip the apple in cinnamon raisin granola or pumpkin pie spice granola.  I find that the spice of the cinnamon pairs best with the apple.

Granola with Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt

If you like crunchy toppings on your favorite frozen treats, give granola a try!  Since my maple walnut chocolate granola was originally a homemade ice cream flavor, this is my obvious pick for an ice cream topping.  The maple walnut chocolate pairs well with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt, but my personal favorite is the granola sprinkled over salted caramel gelato.  If you are more adventurous, lovely lavender chocolate chip granola is lovely with chocolate ice cream. 

Granola in a Cookie!

Yes, used as an ingredient, cherry almond granola will transform your standard oatmeal cookies.  Swap out half or all of the oats in a recipe for oatmeal cookies (typically 3 cups of oats) with either cherry almond granola or cinnamon raisin granola and prepare yourself to be blown away with the rich texture of the cookie and bright surprise of dried cherries in each bite! 

Granola and Yogurt Pairings:

I eat and enjoy both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt.  I don’t really have a preference, to be honest.  I love the rich and creamy texture of the Australian style yogurts, but sometimes I’m in the mood for Greek yogurt.  Just depends on the day!  You can find all of the yogurt flavors I’ve listed below in both regular and Greek styles. 

Blueberry Almond Granola w/ Noosa lemon yogurt - This is, by far, my absolute favorite flavor combo to date.  The bright, fresh, tangy lemon pairs perfectly with the sweet blueberries and subtle sweetness of the granola.  I eat this almost every night as a snack or for breakfast.

Lovely Lavender Chocolate Chip Granola w/ coffee yogurt - Sounds kind of weird, but it’s amazing.  The lavender granola also pairs well with berry flavored yogurt, or vanilla yogurt with fresh raspberries.

Maple Walnut Chocolate Chip Granola w/ raspberry yogurt - Fruit and chocolate.  You either love fruit and chocolate together or hate it, so if you’re the former, I highly recommend this combination. 

Pumpkin Pie Spice Granola w/ Chobani pumpkin spice Greek yogurt - It sounds like overkill, I know, but because the pumpkin pie spice granola doesn’t contain any actual pumpkin, just the spices, the pumpkin yogurt works perfectly.  This flavor of Chobani yogurt is only offered during the fall, and as soon as it hits the shelves I stock up.